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For smart forward thinking agents

Finally a rater easy and fun to use. Some of the best brains in the industry have designed a rater system with productivity and ease of use that is superior to any other rater. You’ll enjoy.

About Us

iST was created by a group of forward thinking agents to come up with a quick and easy way to quote.  A way to submit quotes and new leads anywhere they have internet.  So we made it cloud based. is the easiest and most user friendly way for quoting.  In the office, at home or by the pool, you take care of your clients with speed and ease.

Our System

We listen to our users and then make it better.

The iST is the premier rating system. We continually evolve with the changes so that any problem quickly becomes a solution.  By having instant input from users, iST is constantly coming up with new features that make quoting the easiest way possible.

Cloud based- login and use anywhere you have internet connection.  Poolside?

This might be the coolest feature of iST.  Hint: you will love how fast it just pulls up the info.

Real time reporting on the open, pending and completed files.

Some have reported experiencing massive increase in productivity while sitting poolside. 

Sign up and enjoy!


iST is the first rater to be this easy

IST Feature - Easy to Access

Half done before you start

Our unique partnership with FL Counties' property appraisers makes downloading property data instant and fun.

IST features - Easy to Upload

Easy to Access

You bet it is! Cloud based so wherever you have internet you are productive.

IST is Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Because it is designed from real life agents' perspective, the flow and ease of use is by far superior to all other boring raters.

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